A Simple Plan: Bible

Benefits of Reading the Word of God Through the Bible

There is nothing that surpasses the worth of God’s Scripture. He gives you the ability to understand His words once you seek His wisdom. The Bible is a tool we use to follow God’s intention to humankind.

Once we keep daily reading of God’s scripture our trust in Him is renewed and affirmed. Takenote, if you want to enhance your faith in our Lord, make a point of reading His Scripture. The Holy ghost came to the universe to adore the Christ but not without the announcement of the gospel. Only through reading the bible that we come to understand and learn how to proclaim Christ and through these practices we get out trust in Him uplifted and strengthened. That is why we proudly acknowledge Him as our Lord. If we choose to read the bible, we get our lives restructured in His glory, and we experience His presence through our faith in worshiping Him. It is through the word of God that we are set to have a happy and joyous living.

If we make it our trend to read the word of God every day, we will be filled with the Holy Spirit. We get to understand as it is written in the bible that the Holy Spirit fills our hearts and souls through God message. Thus, it is through the bible verses that we can attract the presence of Holy Spirit into our daily life. It confirms that our connection with the Spirit is affirmed through our closeness to God’s message.

The scripture contain the dominating presence of our Lord. If you want to keep through constant mercies of the Christ, you should never abandon God’s powerful tool called the bible, make it your daily journal. God’s scripture reveals to us that He had sent His only beloved son Jesus Christ, to bring to life the joy and blessings that had been robbed from the human race. Therefore, this is attained through understanding that we are born to a new life by God’s word. Most of the verses in the Bible affirm to the Spiritual benefits that led to the writing of His Gospel.

More than we can imagine, it is through God word that our hope is strengthened. The scripture retains the hope of Christians in a diverse way. For example, if we come across a word that mentions that our Christ gave us so that we can stay in hope. Note, the verse that talks of hope gives us strength to uphold it in our every daily living.

The Word of God communicates the blessing of freedom that is given to us. It is in the scripture that Jesus tells us that we will be set free once we understand the truth. That is why we should embrace the scripture in our lives regularly, to be able to understand and live in the autonomy of Christ.

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