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How to Select the Right Divorce Attorney for Your Case

Before you start your search for a divorce attorney, you need to consider factors such as experience, reputation and credentials. Here is what to look for when selecting divorce attorneys.

Get names of potential lawyers from other people including family members, co-workers and friends who have had a divorce case. This is a good way to get quality information of potential divorce lawyers before you choose them to represent you. Similarly, ask for a referral from other lawyers because they are likely to know family law specialist with a solid reputation. Lastly, you may check with your local bar association website to help you find qualified lawyers in your area.

It is vital that you research the attorneys experience when it comes to family law. Inquire how long they have been practiced family law and consider an attorney who has practised for at least three years. You can also determine the attorney’s experience by finding out how many divorce cases they handle in a year and how much time they spend working on these cases. Therefore, narrow down your list by finding an attorney whose specialization is within divorce law.

It is advisable to check the potential candidates credentials to be sure that they are able to handle your case. Do a background check on their education and find out if they attended a recognized law school and passed their examination. Membership in professional organizations is another important criteria because it shows the lawyer’s active participation in their speciality.

Use the internet to research the attorney’s track record and reputation in order to decide whom to hire. Visit the attorney’s website to look for their background information and decide if they are right for you. Check their websites and other review sites to get the feedback of other clients who have worked with the attorneys before. Do not forget to visit your states bar association to check if the attorney is licensed to operate and whether there are any complains or disciplinary issues against them. You probably would want a lawyer that has won awards in the past as this show that they have an outstanding track record.

When you have at least three divorce lawyers left, set up a meeting to interview them. Ask about their strategy for your case, who will be handling it and how long it will take to complete. You also want a lawyer that you will feel comfortable with and who will listen and be responsive to your questions. Before you make your final decision, identify your budget and choose a divorce lawyer who is affordable and has quality representation.

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