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Advantages of Science (DNA)

The DNA which is also known as the deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that is known for its complexity and contains the necessary information that is normally required in order to build and maintain an organism and in almost every cell in a multicellular organism has the full set of DNA that is required with that organism. In this talk, we are going to look at the various ways in which DNA has been beneficial to individuals and also to the society. DNA has been able to come up with breakthrough drugs and treatment for patients suffering from diseases that were seen to be serious and whose treatment were not able to be found but through the study and research of DNA revelations were made. The study and research of DNA have enabled individuals to be able to know how they react to certain diseases and this has also brought about customization of drugs that are able to complement the individual’s biochemistry and genetic makeup.

When it comes to paternity and the legal impact DNA has been quite crucial and this is because the paternity cases have great impact on families and children all over the world and through the use of DNA the paternity of a child can actually be done and therefore it will have a significant effect on the child’s upbringing. DNA has played a very crucial role when it comes to capturing culprits who may be involved in cases such as rape cases and other cases and therefore it has led to such kind of culprits being convicted. This means that DNA has been used to solve a lot of cases that would not have been solved if it were not for the discovery of DNA.

The impact of DNA in agriculture is very important and this is because it has enabled farmers being able to breed animals that are more resistant to certain diseases and at the same time are able to produce more nutritious produce which has contributed to a reduction in micronutrient deficiency especially in developing countries. More study and research is put on the discovery of DNA and this means that it will continue to revolutionize medicine, agriculture, forensics, paternity, and many other important fields in society today and this will lead to more discoveries in the future. The science of DNA has been able to be seen that it not only affects the medical world but also the society that we live in and therefore a lot of decisions have been made due to the discovery of DNA. In this discussion, we have had the opportunity to be able to see the various ways in which the science of DNA has been beneficial to individuals and also to the society.

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