We Found a Nearly Perfect Home

The place is a lot better for Anna than it is for me, locationwise. She works in a school that is in walking distance of the place. In fact there is a well worn path leading directly to the playground. In fact the place is tiny and so is the mortgage payment. The money that we shall save on our monthly bills is going to be a huge deal. In fact we are already talking about the things we should spend that on. Anna decided that it should be dining chairs, since the chairs we have right now are a very poor match with a beautiful table that we got used from a yard sale. I was in favor of a foosball table, although I have to admit that Anna was right that I could not get it up the stairs. This place is tiny, we could not afford it if it were not. There is a second story, but it is more like an attic as the roof is above you and obviously only the center is high enough for a grown man to stand upright.

Of course the real problem would be getting a foosball table up the stairs, which are extremely steep and the opening at the top is barely large enough. You would need two strong men and basically you would have to hold it up above your head. Of course some of them are built so that you can fold the legs or remove them and that would make it all a lot easier. At any rate I have a hundred things that I need to do now. This place, like any other house it’s age is a long way short of perfect. There are a couple of big things to do and a lot of small jobs.