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The Art of Bee Keeping.

Bee keeping and honey making becomes more enjoyable if you are able to do it through your own effort and enjoy your effort. Bee keeping can either be looked at as a hobby or as business venture depending on why you are doing it. In a colony there are different types of bees , the worker bees are responsible for the production of honey. When a colony is started the workers begin by building combs where the young will be reared and also the storage of honey. The worker bees collect nectar from flower to flower and in the process they pass pollen grains facilitating pollination. Nectars are juices with different sugar concentrations and thy have some benefits. The sucrose collected by the bees is turned into glucose and fructose by some enzyme action that and that makes the honey.

A second enzyme comes to play where a small amount of the glucose is converted into hydrogen peroxide and gluconic acid. The gluconic acid makes the honey resistant to fungi , mold and any other type of bacteria. The hydrogen peroxide on the other hand provides the honey with short term protection against organisms as the honey ripens . Different nectar content influence the taste and the color that the honey will have. Some people will have preference to certain colors of honey but the color of the honey does not influence the quality.

Bee keeping as a business can become very profitable if approached in the right way. Bee keeping does not limit you to make money from the honey alone, if you are creative enough you can make money from literally every product of the entire process. You can sell pollination services to farmers stress free but with good marketing, all you have to do is present your hives and let the bees do the rest. The market for honey combs and wax still exists and you stand to make money with such products as well.

If you are a full time bee keeper , fact is that you will take some time to build and establish the business but when you set up some roots you get to enjoy the effort. Bee keeping does not requires acres of land or expansive hives making the business easier to run and commit to as well. Bee keeping will not involve you much physically and that makes it a good business if you do not want to be invested much physically. Depending on how you take your bee keeping , there are different types of bee keepers. You are either a hobby bee keeper , a sideliner bee keeper and lastly a commercial bee keeper.