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Many upper-scale department stores that offered fine designer jewelry to customers have closed their physical locations or have gone out of business altogether. This leaves a void in the demand for jewelry that is innovative, trendy, and unique. It also means that special and custom pieces may need to be ordered online. This void is being filled with the websites and creations of new designers.


Relying on new designers for one-of-a-kind pieces, fine jewelry, and every day jewelry as well has a few benefits over established jewelry departments in high-end stores. The first is a fresh take on classic styles. The ordinary string of pearls, for example, may have a splash of color added for a modern twist. The block-letter name bracelet will have colored gemstones, be offered in a Gothic font, or can be custom made to resemble the signature of the giver.

A wider variety of materials are used in jewelry designing and making these days due to improvements in technology and experiments of individual designers. Recyclable materials are transformed into wearable art. Re-claimed items, such as wood, Autumn leaves, and old tires are given new purpose with stunning results. People interested in surprising and delightful collections of jewelry can click here to explore new options.


Another benefit is designer jewelry at lower cost. Whether the pieces from a new designer are found at a spa, hair salon, or on a website pricing will be lower than prices for pieces presented by well-known designers. Famous designers, such as Cartier, Harry Winston, and Neil Lane command high prices for jewelry because customers are paying for the brand name and proven talent, as well as the high-quality. New designers are producing high-quality and unique jewelry but do not have the exposure or brand recognition to charge higher prices, yet.

Own some jewelry before the designer becomes known in the business. At the very least, customers have jewelry that is different from the bargain department store offerings that everyone else is wearing. It is also possible that customers may have an early piece of a designer who will be the next Harry Winston in the world of jewelry designers. Either way, the customer wins.