Five Types of Commercial Cold Room

As you grow your business, you might want to consider upgrading to a cold room. A cold room stores more stock than lots of cabinet fridges and freezers, and it saves space. Once you have decided what you need to use your cold room for, you can put a plan together to choose the right one for your business. Here is a look at the five types of cold rooms.


This is bespoke to your business and its needs. You can convert whatever size and space you have available to a cold room and align it to fit the needs of the business. You can add whatever features you personally need, such as racks, hooks, and internal cupboards. For most businesses, this is the preferred method of cold room installation.

Industrial chillers

This is the biggest type of chiller. These chillers are walk-in and large enough for trucks, making them ideal for large-scale catering and big food items. These can store large quantities of ice, and they make loading and unloading with forklift trucks a breeze.

Walk in cold rooms

As the name suggests, these are cold rooms built for walking in. The major advantage with these over your existing fleet of separate cabinet chillers is that there is so much more space for your stock. If you are expanding your business, a walk in cold room is your best bet.


In the food trade, these are the cold rooms that are most commonly used. Easy to install, these rooms come to you in a flat pack so you can assemble them wherever you need. They can be designed to chill to whatever temperature you desire, and they work via cold panels and insulation. Many online companies like have a range of sizes from which you can choose.

Combi cold rooms

These are the most flexible, ready-made cold rooms. They have separate areas: one for chilling at the front, and one for freezing at the back. Safe storage of food is essential, and these combi cold rooms can help you cut back on expiry waste.

These cold room options can meet a variety of needs. Whether you’re expanding your business or you’re a new start-up, these cold rooms are a great way to maximise your space and cold storage.