Kalusto Shabby Chic Furniture Range – Modern Vintage at its Best

In reality there is nothing shabby about the Kalusto shabby chic furniture range. It’s all about chic! Without doubt, this stunning collection of furniture is where classic vintage luxury and modern chic come together in perfect harmony.

The term ‘Shabby Chic’ was first used in the popular designers magazine ‘The World of Interiors’. It then became a worldwide phrase describing vintage, reclaimed furniture with distressed paintwork.

Since the Shabby Chic style arrived during the late eighties its popularity has never wavered. The elegant luxury and artistic edge this style has appeals to the modern homemaker. The Kalusto Shabby Chic Furniture Range is made from reclaimed timbers from India’s most southern regions as well as the west-central region of Maharashtra (famous for its cosmopolitan capital, Mumbai – formerly Bombay), and Gujarat in the North. Truly vintage, the wood is usually between fifty and one hundred and fifty years old.

The Shabby Chic Creative

You may have tried your hand at creating shabby chic furniture. It is labour intensive and requires a good level of creative skill. The Kalusto Shabby Chic Furniture Range is created by highly skilled craftsmen with the skills needed to create this labour intensive and highly creative look. Because reclaimed vintage timbers are used, and the layers of paint are applied by hand, each and every piece has its own unique character. For those who want something more unique, this is the perfect furniture range for you.

Made to Last

Our Shabby Chic range is made to last a lifetime, as was the furniture found in England’s most affluent homes in the past. All the furniture is designed and built to be structurally sound, tables and chairs being reinforced with solid iron frames that are not only functional but provide that chic contemporary edge perfectly suited to modern homes. To protect and enhance the colours of the paintwork and timber, all the furniture is finished with a hard-wearing satin lacquer making it practical and suitable for everyday use.

Mix and Match with Ease

Kalusto Shabby Chic Furniture Range includes dining tables and chairs, bookcases, coffee and side tables, wardrobes, sideboards and mirrors. Whatever you need this elegant collection can be mixed and matched to suit your practical needs and home perfectly.

Perfect for those who appreciate something different

Due to the way Shabby Chic furniture is created it is very much seen as an artistic creation: Without doubt, this type of furniture is a world away from much of the contemporary furniture available today. For those who like to be a bit different and appreciate craftsmanship Shabby Chic must be top of the list.

The modern worlds can seem almost sterile at times. Shabby Chic can create a more cosy and comfortable environment in your home. Unlike some contemporary furniture, it provides comfort for everyday living as well as elegant style – The warm colours and vintage wood come together to create a perfect balance of style and practicality: An elegance that can be enjoyed for many years to come – After all good taste will never go out of style.