Three Top Tips to get your Office Summer-ready

If we had it our way, we’d have all offices move outdoors to the local park in the summer months to help avoid that humid, heat-wave office environment that often induces hissy fits from Tim and dehydrated telephone welcomes from Brenda. But parks have dogs and distractions of all shapes and sizes and besides that, it’s just not doable. Nobody has the time for the upheaval, and dogs are far too cute, we’d never get anything done.

So, since we can’t live the park life dream in reality, here are three things you can do to get your office in shape for the summer.

Hand-held Fans by the Watercooler

So, I guess it depends on the nature of your business, but it never hurts to invest a little quirk for your staff, and potentially for your visitors too. If you don’t already have a water cooler, even an iced-pitcher jug of water will do the job, (maybe a slice or two of lemon if you’re an awesome boss) and half a dozen hand-held fans for that extra refreshing break. We know, we know, you could opt for the big industrial-sized fan, but it takes up quite a bit of floor space, and we all know Ian is going to trip over the wire and spill coffee on the invoices, right? The best solutions are the ones that don’t take up too much space. The hand-held fans are cheap, cheerful and fun – and they offer that personal touch, which always goes down well with the team.

Decent Air-Con!!

The mother of all summer kit solutions: Invest in decent air con units. We just can’t stress this enough. We’re not talking the old rickety little boxes that sort of ‘breathe’ out mildly cool air, your staff deserve more than that. When was the last time you upgraded your air con anyway? The difference that cool, steady flowing air can make to the smooth running of an office is huge. Nobody works well under hot, sticky conditions – especially Ian. Environment is everything, so investing in the best equipment to keep your staff cool through the summer could be an absolute life-saver.

A Cooling Space

Choose a space, if you have the luxury to afford it, to be a cooling area for your staff during their breaks. And yes, I said breaks. In this heat, it’s only fair to allow a bit of a breather now and then. The heat from computer monitors alone can add to the discomfort around the office, so set up a space where people can take five and regather. Perhaps it’s the staffroom, even the corridor with a couple of chairs assigned especially, or maybe it’s just a comfy corner of the office – as long as there’s air-con, a fresh beverage and a moment away from the phones, we’re good.