Tips For Finding The Best Persian Carpet For Your Home

Buying a Persian carpet or rug for your home is never an easy decision. You’ll need to ask yourself a few very serious questions first. Will you need a round or square rug? What size would suit your home? Where would you put it? Do you need an under sheet for the rug? You will need to be sure that the carpet or rug which you are buying is perfectly suited for your home and your lifestyle.

It is important to know what you want before you set out looking for the perfect rug. When buying your Persian rug or carpet you can either browse through online catalogues or you can visit a store which specialises in the sale of handcrafted Persian carpets and rugs. When shopping online there is a wide variety of carpets which will be delivered to your door, get the additional information and more here. Most importantly keep your measurements close.

Getting a feel

One of the best ways to find the right Persian rug or carpet for your home is to get a feel for the designs and shapes and sizes of the rugs available. You can easily pick up a book or two which feature different designs. Carefully browse each carpet in the book and pick out at least four potential matches for your home. Look at these daily until you have narrowed it down to two. Next, you can leave the book open to compare it to the area where you will have the rug. This will help you make your decision and will be the most accurate way of choosing the right carpet.

Shapes and Sizes

Your individual taste and style will determine the shape of the rug you choose. Another factor which will come into play would be the size and shape of the room you have. Before you buy your Persian rug or carpet you will need to also know where you are going to place it. The size of the carpet, on the other hand, will be exclusively determined by the space or floor area of the room in which it will be placed. If you are planning to have just one rug or carpet, it will need to cover a third of the floor area of your room.


These are among the most common rugs and carpets in the world. They will vary in size and will be more suited for larger areas including dining rooms and lounges.


This type of rug is narrow and long. They would commonly be used in entrance hallways and on stairs.


A round rug or carpet is circular in shape and will most often be used under tables. They will bring a unique emphasis to a particular area.


These are among the most uncommon Persian rugs and carpets. They will have no standard size and can be used for living areas.


These will be equal in width and length. They work best in rooms which are square.